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Title: I’m Not There. 3, December 2008

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There is an old courtyard, surrounded by spires.

I waited there, under the clock tower.


I waited for you, for hours,

Until days became nights and weeks.


Suddenly my sadness took leave

And a bitterness rose up, up from my feet.


A parade of girls for my benefit,

One after the other for me to compare


And I remained frozen to that spot,

Ignored and cast away.


But slowly, my heart warmed,

Thawing in the golden sun.


Now it is you who realises

That life simply isn’t fair.


You’ve finally arrived at my courtyard,

Only now sure you had a place by my side.


Your journey was a waste of time,

Like the months I wasted my crippled heart.


Do not come to my courtyard

For I am no longer there.



Untitled for now. 25, November 2008

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Remember, remember

When we were young

Oh remember we’d play beneath

The setting sun


And I’d warn against

All those risks you took

Until you fell as you

Skipped into the brook


Won’t you walk with me again?

Walk with me, take back

Those days

Walk with me again and

Tell me that you’re still safe.

Just walk with me again.


Oh come away, come

Away from there

HE isn’t the one who

Truly cares


So close to the edge

I could see you were scared

The wind carried that sigh

Your final breath


Won’t you walk with me again?

Can’t we share all the secrets

We used to share.

Walk with me again

It’s so cold now you’re gone

And it’s me, I’m scared.


Those autumn leaves

Lie undisturbed as I

Drag my boots beneath my skirts

So many golds and browns, the red

I’ll save as it is

Swept by the breeze

To a watery grave


Come back to me again.

I’m standing on the edge

Save me from this fate

A chasm that bears my name

Come back and

Walk with me again.

Poetry. 21, November 2008

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I’ve changed my mind about this blog again. I felt too exposed writing at length about things that meant something to me in my personal life so I’m just going to stick my creative pieces here for now. I’m not brilliant when it comes to poetry, I tend to ignore most poetic conventions but I give it a go anyway.

This is from a couple of years ago and is probably one of the best things I ever managed to write. One day I want to edit it and improve it but for now I’ll leave it as it is.


Woke up with that feeling something was wrong
The windows were cracked and
Cold pricked at my soles
So I placed a light footfall down on the floor
Clutching a blanket for solace and warmth

My nightgown fluttered as wind filled the house
I crept down the stairs chewing my nails
My finger childishly in my mouth
In the kitchen I saw you relaxed in a chair
You poured yourself a drink with a casual flair

And my heart froze with fear when
You flashed a smile full of wicked charm
The lightning dancing upon the evil angles
That painted your face
Then with a rumble of thunder and a sip
Of your brandy

You were gone in a heartbeat; the chair empty

So I crossed my legs and sat
Obediently waiting
The hours passed and
I shivered transfixed
Gazing at where you had been.

The sun came up
But oh you never did return.

Testing. 15, July 2008

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Hello, hello.

Some things to remember if I ever get this blog up and running….

1. I am not a journalist. If I must consider myself anything it’s a weird combination of historian and fiction writer, though not at the same time. Therefore my writing in this blog will probably not be anything exceptional from a journalistic point of view.

2. This is mostly for fun but I am going to try and have a sense of professionalism in my tone and the subjects I cover. I’m thinking of this as a portfolio of sorts.

3. Of course I have dreams of becoming a professional writer but I’m not expecting miracles.