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Title: I’m Not There. 3, December 2008

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There is an old courtyard, surrounded by spires.

I waited there, under the clock tower.


I waited for you, for hours,

Until days became nights and weeks.


Suddenly my sadness took leave

And a bitterness rose up, up from my feet.


A parade of girls for my benefit,

One after the other for me to compare


And I remained frozen to that spot,

Ignored and cast away.


But slowly, my heart warmed,

Thawing in the golden sun.


Now it is you who realises

That life simply isn’t fair.


You’ve finally arrived at my courtyard,

Only now sure you had a place by my side.


Your journey was a waste of time,

Like the months I wasted my crippled heart.


Do not come to my courtyard

For I am no longer there.