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Poetry. 21, November 2008

Posted by Iphigenia in Uncategorized.

I’ve changed my mind about this blog again. I felt too exposed writing at length about things that meant something to me in my personal life so I’m just going to stick my creative pieces here for now. I’m not brilliant when it comes to poetry, I tend to ignore most poetic conventions but I give it a go anyway.

This is from a couple of years ago and is probably one of the best things I ever managed to write. One day I want to edit it and improve it but for now I’ll leave it as it is.


Woke up with that feeling something was wrong
The windows were cracked and
Cold pricked at my soles
So I placed a light footfall down on the floor
Clutching a blanket for solace and warmth

My nightgown fluttered as wind filled the house
I crept down the stairs chewing my nails
My finger childishly in my mouth
In the kitchen I saw you relaxed in a chair
You poured yourself a drink with a casual flair

And my heart froze with fear when
You flashed a smile full of wicked charm
The lightning dancing upon the evil angles
That painted your face
Then with a rumble of thunder and a sip
Of your brandy

You were gone in a heartbeat; the chair empty

So I crossed my legs and sat
Obediently waiting
The hours passed and
I shivered transfixed
Gazing at where you had been.

The sun came up
But oh you never did return.


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